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Welcome to Old North Columbus

Welcome to Old North Columbus, a unique Columbus neighborhood in the University District.

The Old North is located north of Lane Avenue to the Glen Echo Ravine (the southern boarder of Clintonville) and east of the Olentangy River to the Conway Railroad Tracks.

Old North Columbus has some of the greatest restaurants, bars and live entertainment venues in the city, and it is also a great place to live. It is home to professionals, families, students, artists, musicians and people of all ages, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds. Its diversity and affordability is what makes it one of the best neighborhoods in the city to live, work and play.

The Old North is home to several smaller historic neighborhoods and civic associations providing both a strong sense of community and pride in our historic housing.

Old North Columbus is also a great place to live because it is a walkable community. It has everything you need to live without having to own a car. Grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, bars and other great small businesses are easy to walk to.

Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your passion, Old North Columbus has something special waiting for you.

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